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Buffet lunch anybody

breadbasket.jpgbuffetpumpkinsoup.jpgbuffetantipesto.jpgsmokedchickensalami.jpgWe did a group project where in teams of 3 or 4 we had to devise a buffet menu . We each had different parts of the buffet to do and could use any thing we wanted to do . I must say I was really impressed , our buffet was very upmarket with things like salmon and scallop salad, roasted duck breast, chicken  we smoked our selves (wow that was so very cool) roasted leg of lamb, a gourmet cheese platter, and hand made crackers,  antipasto, pumpkin soup, boozy brandy fruit puddings and white chocolate mousse with great fun chocolate run outs. a lot of the tutors and chefs all came along and participated in our buffet and everybody was really impressed by the standard of cooking that came out of our kitchen.


mousseandrunouts.jpg scallopsalad.jpgbuffettable1.jpgbuffettable2.jpg

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .