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great food service vs bad food service

We were in Albany Mall Last Weekend on Saturday and the mall closed at 6pm.

It was  5.20 pm and we went off in search of Coffee . We went to Muffin Break ordered our coffees,There were lots of people sitting at tables drinking coffee. Bruce ordered a carrot cake and I ordered a lemon cake , it was a $20.00 order.

Straight after we had paid the money over, the woman at the counter said ” ohh its in takeaway cups” we looked at each and asked why , her reply was ” we are not allowed to serve coffee in china cups after 5.10″ Bruce said to her ” we want our money back,” neither of us like drinking out of paper cups and there were lots of people all sitting around with proper cups on the tables.

This woman was adamant that we couldn’t have our coffee in china cups . and then couldn’t work out how to give us our money back , called her supervisor who was just as knowledgeable about giving us a refund. We thought this service was really shocking.

If  she had said at the beginning of the transaction about the paper cups we could have made the decision early in the process to go somewhere else instead of holding up other customers because the stupid staff couldnt even process a refund properly.

We went to Esquires  and the man serving us was just the complete opposite, he had no problem with our order  , he was a bit shocked to think that we couldn’t get a coffee in china cups and to be honest the coffee was way better than Muffin breaks and the treats were just lovely. He was so friendly and helpful  and very welcoming.

Now we could have understood about the paper cups if the mall was closing at 5.30 but it wasnt , her attitude was unacceptable, It was just too bad she couldn’t take lessons from this lovely man at Esquires. The difference between good service and bad service is a huge distance and word of mouth can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. Get  great service and you will tell  10 people, Get bad service and you will tell 100 people .

There is no just no  cause at all for people in hospitality  or retail to be rude to their customers, its the biggest downfall of both these industries and is the quickest way to lose customer. If you cant give great service then get out of the industries and do something that you dont have to deal with people.

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .