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Farmers Markets are the best thing since sliced bread.

Having been involved for about 4 years in Farmers Markets around Auckland I want to shout out about the joys of this way of shopping and eating. There are so many markets around that sometimes it can feel a bit of oversupply and demand but by shopping around you find the ones you love and work the best for you. By Shopping at Farmers markets you are supporting small producers,local communities,and eating food that is generally better for you and much much fresher than what you would get at most supermarkets, and its all made with love and passion or grown by the very people who might be talking to you at the time of purchase.

Working a stall at a farmers market is hard work but the rewards are lovely. You get to interract with the customers, you get to know all the regulars and you meet other stall holders who are just as passionate about the food  they grow or produce as you are yourself.

As a baker I have handmade cakes,cupcakes,biscuits,slices,sweets,savouries,and also vegan,allergy freindly,diabetic freindly and gluten free goodies on my stall. I have regular little customers who bring mum and dad along to the market for their weekly treat along with lots of adults who want something that is hand made tasty and delectable as well as being made with love.

Ive come home with so many yummy goodies from  the farmers market , things that I either cannot buy or wouldnt buy from the supermarket. The veges are so much fresher and last so much longer and are very locally grown and often you can get varieties that you just cant buy in supermarkets.Things like breads, cheeses, dips, relishes all made by hand and with the producers often able to tell you the provenance of the ingrediants. I feel I eat alot more healthy since being at Farmers markets and really enjoy the local community feel about them compared to the big corporate not able to personalise your service supermarket feel.

The Market I’m at is very community based and has been running for 4 years. Its a small market with big personality and I have been there for just over 3 and a bit years and just love love love being there and love the community and working with the stall holders that are there. Its based in the heart of the Grey Lynn community at 510 Richmond Road at the Grey Lynn Community Centre on the first 3 Sundays of every month and then on the last Sunday of the month its an open air market just down the road at the legal carpark.

Why dont you go and have a look here

Sweet Expectations (thats me ) will be there on the 13th October 2013

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .