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Im in love with flour

Hi , yeah tis been a while since I  last posted, Im back at school now  and just loving this new module.  I go home smelling of things like sugar and vanilla, I get to play in the flour bin most days and create pastries and breads, desserts and doughs. ……. Sighhhh can life be any better than this .

My tutor Earl King is just an absolute darling whose love for this wonderful art just shines through. I have been off sick most of last week and had to make up some classes, hes just so patient and willing to help, it makes learning so much more of apleasure.

I just love the feeling of kneading the dough, taking these great raw ingrediants and turning them into delectable treats

I will post pictures asap I have mislaid my camera cord and cannot upload my pictures at the moment but will do so shortly.

So far we have made a variety of things, gateaux pithiver, palmiers,rice imperatrice,apple fritters, lemon turnovers, choux paste, paris brest,,chappati, pita, naan, danishes, croissants sauvarin, brioche, donuts,.

I just feel this sort of work is something I have been waiting my whole life for, and why did it take me so long to realise this,. Putting your hands in to the dough and kneading it is so therapeutic and soothing for the soul, it makes me feel relaxed and gentle, and all the everyday cares and woes just drift up through the atmosphere as you watch the magic of the dough  doing its stuff as it rises, and breathes and becomes a thing of great beauty.

Thank you Earl for being patient and passionate with us and for sharing your wonderful craft and knowledge with us. It means more than words can express.

General Stuff

Cinammon and Spice and all things nice

I have been doing a bucket load of baking this week making gifts for people and also doing some baking for a cafe

the house has smelt amazing , i made things like shortbread, chunky chocolate chip cookies, peanut brownies, spice and raisen cookies, butter cookies, gingerbread, coconut ice and rocky road . Everything made from scratch with great new zealand butter