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delicious cold cheesecakes

My Classmate Sesilia had an end of semester party for our class at her house on friday night and She had been wanting to learn how to make cold cheesecake so I said I would show her how

2/3 of the class are from Asia mainly China and Korea and so their tastebuds are much different from mine and I didnt want to make the cheesecakes too sweet. My freind Qi lin had her birthday during the week and I offered to make her a birthday cake , She said she really liked European style cheese cake , so I offered to make her a green tea cheesecake which she thought was fabulous

I made a Green tea cheesecake and an Apricot Swirl cheesecake

both of which went down very well, I will post the recipes in the recipe section

here are some photos.apricot swirl cheesecakegreen tea cheesecake

Green tea cheesecake recipeĀ 

Ingrediants :

1 packet of store bought biscuits (cookies) I used arnotts malt biscuits

150 grams butter

300 mls regular cream

250 grms mascapone

250 grms cream cheese

3 dessertspoons of powdered green tea

3 dessertspoons of white sugar


crush up cookies in the food processor

melt butter and mix in with cookies then put in to base of a 8 inch tin pressing firmly in to shape of tin

and bringing up around the sides of the tin

place in to fridge to firm up , at least 15 minutes

While base is firming up, beat cream cheese, sugar and green tea together , set aside

beat cream till thick but still will slide off the spoon slowly

add to cream cheese mix and then fold in the mascapone

pour in to base and cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours

nb: you can add a little more sugar if this not sweet enough for you

when ready to eat take out of dish ( a spring form tin is good for this ) and serve in wedges

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Christmas Dinner

I was in the kitchen on Christmas day , and loving it , I cooked apple syrup glazed ham decorated with apple rounds and cloves and baked in the oven, turkey with a almond, dried apricots and sultana couscous stuffing, roasted potatoes, gravy, condiments, steamed asparagus and fresh peas , with a green salad on the side.Dessert was a lemon cheesecake, traditional fruit pudding with vanilla creme anglaise and a peach and blueberry salad , please dont hesitate to ask if you want the recipes there are photos overĀ  in the blog roll , pop on over and have a look