General Stuff

Im in love with the Food Network

I have just had Sky tv put in and just loving food tv

It has been inspiring me to do different things with food at home instead of the same old same old

Last Night I made a Fregola salad with carrot, cucumber, tomato and a little soaked dried apricots tossed in a passionfruit and black pepper dressing with Chicken breasts stuffed with blue brie and soaked dried apricots and coated in panko and lightly pan fried . mmmm delicious, will post a pic of it tomoorow

Tonight I made a very easy but tasty dish of beef sausage saute with cherry tomatoes, green beans and this amazing little tastebud tempter that i have just discovered…. Smoked red baby onions , ohhhh my word it takes something ordinary and gives it a nice little flavour boost , i had this with a slice of ciabatta bread