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Gazpachio Soup is a food straight from heaven

Im revisiting the classics at the moment at school which is great its good to refresh the dead memory cells from years gone by.

We have been doing the base soups and sauces this week, and making things like Chasseur, Maderia, Hollandaise which for me was a breeze, but so much fun to get back to.

Yesterday we made wonderful classics such as Borscht and Gazpachio.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Gazpachio has got to be one of the most wonderful simple tastes , such fresh and clear flavours of summer served cold with freshly cooked croutons for crunch. Super fresh vine ripened tomatoes and cucumber with garlic and capsicum blended with bread and basil and left to soak for a while the passed through a strainer and seasoned with seasonings of salt and pepper and fresh splashes of lemon to give you the most wonderful taste

A Perfect start to dinner after a long day of studying and exams.

Tomatoes are one of my very favourite foods, especially in the summertime when they are fresh and rich in flavour and incredibly abundant and having them in this way is just one of the most perfect ways to appreciate this very special food