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Something Fishy going on here

this week in class we were working with fish and shellfish. We worked with 2 of my most favourites of shell fish Mussels and Prawns, as well as Cockles. We also did a poached Hapuku (groper) with Hapuku Mousselines on top of a pea and chive risotto and provencal  sauce on the side. As for the Mussels we did them Marinara style , with white wine, cream, shallots , The Prawns we did in kebabs with a coriander and white wine sauce, and Cockle Fritters with a tangy yoghurt and parsely dressing.Yum  the Prawns were my favourite. I also learnt how to make Prawn oil, wow that was so much fun

The pot on the right hand side is the prawn oil coming up to temperature, I will post a pic of the finished oil in the next day or so

prawn kebabprawn oil

hapukucockle frittersmussels

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .