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Something Fishy going on here

this week in class we were working with fish and shellfish. We worked with 2 of my most favourites of shell fish Mussels and Prawns, as well as Cockles. We also did a poached Hapuku (groper) with Hapuku Mousselines on top of a pea and chive risotto and provencal  sauce on the side. As for the Mussels we did them Marinara style , with white wine, cream, shallots , The Prawns we did in kebabs with a coriander and white wine sauce, and Cockle Fritters with a tangy yoghurt and parsely dressing.Yum  the Prawns were my favourite. I also learnt how to make Prawn oil, wow that was so much fun

The pot on the right hand side is the prawn oil coming up to temperature, I will post a pic of the finished oil in the next day or so

prawn kebabprawn oil

hapukucockle frittersmussels

Restaurant Reviews

yum cha

The Chinese have the right idea when it comes to going out for brunch. Yum Cha really is the best thing since sliced bread

I love this wonderful phenomenen of getting little plates of food with different tasty morsels on them , and trying a variety of different goodies, some of them fantastic, some of them good and some that may not be your particular taste.

We went to the Sunny Town Restaurant in Newmarket today for Bruces Birthday , we have been there about 4 times now and tried lots of interesting things, and I have developed some real favourites ;……. oh my goodness im such a dumpling fan , especially the prawn ones and the pork and spring onion ones. and delicious egg tarts.

I tried chicken feet today …… really didnt like those that much but at least now I can say I have tried them.

If you have never tried Yum Cha , take it from me , you really have to go and try it sometime , you so dont know what your missing out on