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What is your comfort food?

Those things that you crave at different times for loads of different reasons?

For Example  when Im coming down with a cold or flu I get this Massive craving for Watties Tomato soup in a can.

I do admit to eating Canned soup from time to time and in winter there is nothing nicer than soup, but when Im sick this becomes almost an obsession in the day or so leading up to really coming down with it to the point where I just have to go and buy some if there is none in the house… and there are certain rituals I have when it comes to eating it at those times,

it has to be in a bowl not a mug (when Im feeling fine and just want to have soup I prefer it in a mug),

it has to be super hot ,

and it has to have 2 bits of toast on the side cut in to strips … nothing else will do ūüôā

Other comfort foods for me especially when im feeling a bit down and flat are things like

creamy mashed potato, sometimes with gravy and sometimes with out,

a big bowl of spaghetti done really simply with butter, black pepper and parsley and a little parmigiano if I have any in the fridge,

good dark chocolate preferably peppermint filled,

and  a nice big cup of slightly milky tea is always a great pickme up at any time.

Comfort foods may not necessarily be the healthiest food choices but they are what your body craves when it needs to be comforted in what ever way  at that time. They wrap you up like your favourite blanket or your favourite  pair of arms be they your spouses, your parents, your lovers  ,your grandparents or siblings or who ever you turn to for comfort.

Long live wonderful comfort foods , how ever different they may be. Share your comfort foods with me and the rest of the world it would be really interesting to see the similarities and the differences.

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .