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We Got Married

Yes thats  right folks my darling man is now off the viewing menu :o)
We had the most wonderful day celebrating our new beginning with family and freinds  and we decided to have a picnic style wedding breakfast.With all the food being made by myself and some wonderful helpers. I had decided to make wedding sweets and cookies from all around the world that were only served at weddings.

On the menu for dessert  myself and a great freind made “Mexican wedding cookies” “Kouribiades” “Croatian Peaches””Amish chocolate cookies””Danish wedding cookies” and then we placed them all on platters with dates, apricots, mixed nuts and dried fruit. Along with the dessert we had our gorgous wedding cake that a wonderful freind of ours made it was 3 tiers with a rich fruit cake  on the bottom, white chocolate mud cake in the middle, and lemon and passionfruit cake on the top tier. She did an amazing job it was spectacular.

As all  the food was served cold it was mostly prepared the day before and then just finished off on the day by lovely willing helpers.

A big variety of cold meats and chicken,pork, beef, ham, salamis , devilled eggs, and canapes, pasta salads, cannalini and chickpea salads, green salads, smoked salmon and cucumber salad, potato salad, bacon and egg pies, gluten free vegetarian quiches, bread and butter , fresh sushi and much more . If it hadnt of been for my wonderful helpers before hand and on the day things would have been much harder. A peice of advice to people doing the same thing , dont be afraid to ask for help and get more people to help than you think you might need and it just makes life much easier.
We had a few dramas  with having aproblem with the hot water the day before and then the night before having a power cut at the venue which freaked me right out as it was hot summer time  and I was thinking OMG what if the power doesnt come on and all the wedding food is spoilt , eventually the power came back on and there  wern’t too many dramas on the day

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .