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Easter is but a few bunny hops away now

I have been very busy the last week , trialling a new recipe for hot cross buns and , have tweaked the recipe and came up with a delicious version  that you can find on The smells coming from the kitchen are just amazing, with the spices and  gorgous dried fruit,  and then making chocolate eggs, bunnies and treats for a raffle basket ,and making chocolate bunnies to sell at market mmmmm

heres a  couple of pics of the hot cross buns

mmmmm hot cross buns that are handmade with free range eggs
hot cross buns fresh out of the oven with butter

General Stuff

Salad,Ensalada,Salat,Salade,Insalata, in any language is still a Salad

There are so many different styles of salads around the world , every country has its own traditional and favourite salads. It can be just vegetables, fruits, meats, proteins such as eggs and cheese, seafood, rice, pasta, other grains its only limited by ones imagination.

This week at school we did some classic salads mmmmmmmmm yum , I love salads , I will even eat salads in winter time , I tend to prefer my veges mainly raw and there are so many ways to make salads. Some are very classical and you dont mess with the formula others you can be as creative as you want to be.

I think you cant beat a great salad that uses good quality ingrediants and is freshly made.In a restaurant a great salad is totally worth its weight in gold.

Let me present to you some great classics

green salad, rice pilaf , coleslaw,pasta salad with chorizo and sundried tomato, caeser salad , all made with fresh from scratch mayonaise or dressings,

garden saladgarden salad1salad triocaeser sakad


lemon and passionfruit mousse

We had a family lunch with Bruces family this weekend , great nz favourites such as succulent roast lamb with roasted veges and green peas and gravy , followed up with my dessert

I made lemon and passionfruit mousse and then added it to sweet tart shells and served fresh passionfruit with it, along with a selection of nuts, apples and pears ensuring that everybody got things they all liked

here is the recipe for the lemon passionfruit mousse

300 mls cream

2 egg whites

1/2 cup of sugar

juice and zest of 3 lemons

2 passionfruit


mix juice, zest, passionfruit pulp all together and set aside.

whip cream till fairly firm

in a clean bowl whip egg whites to soft peaks

fold all ingrediants together and place in fridge to set

serve with extra passionfruit pulp

Its a beautiful very light tangy mousse in progresscloseuplemonmousse.jpgthe full platter

Restaurant Reviews

yum cha

The Chinese have the right idea when it comes to going out for brunch. Yum Cha really is the best thing since sliced bread

I love this wonderful phenomenen of getting little plates of food with different tasty morsels on them , and trying a variety of different goodies, some of them fantastic, some of them good and some that may not be your particular taste.

We went to the Sunny Town Restaurant in Newmarket today for Bruces Birthday , we have been there about 4 times now and tried lots of interesting things, and I have developed some real favourites ;……. oh my goodness im such a dumpling fan , especially the prawn ones and the pork and spring onion ones. and delicious egg tarts.

I tried chicken feet today …… really didnt like those that much but at least now I can say I have tried them.

If you have never tried Yum Cha , take it from me , you really have to go and try it sometime , you so dont know what your missing out on