a bronze medal in the salon culinare 2008

I won another bronze medal for my fruit flan in the salon culinare 2008 I was very pleased. the flan was an almond sweet pastry with a rose and vanilla pastry cream topped with honey dew melon, papaya,plums, and black cherries and glazed with barkers glaze. Our School did so well , we took 58 medals and won the training establishment of the year for the 3rd year in a row  Woooooooo Hoooooooo that is so very cool 2ndbronze2008.jpg2008roseandvanilla.jpg

Congratulations to every single person that participated in the competitions be you a medal winner or not, the fact that you all participated is the most important thing.

General Stuff

I Won A Bronze Medal

I entered a food and wine matching competition at the Salon Culinare 2007 ….. This is a national hosptality competition with over 1000 competitors in most aspects of the hospitality trade. This was my first live competition in over 20 years and I won a bronze medal . I was so pleased , I was competing against people from hotels like Skycity and The Hilton so it was really a big deal for me.

The vineyard was Dogpoint Vineyards

The wine I chose was Section 94 Sauvignon Blanc and to go with it I made oven baked pork cutlets with a orange vinecotto and grapefruit marmalade , served with crackling, steamed asian greens and udon noodles done with garlic bolt and julliene carrots.

Here are some photos of the show, me with my medal and my dish which is in the last part of the pictures, all the other pictures are just stuff that i thought was amazing

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A Chocolate Fantasy Dessert

A few weeks ago I entered my first professional chef competition in over 20 yrs .This competition is run by the Culinare Institute , its a competing arena for the hospitality industry. I didn’t win anything but I gained so much experience and insight in to what was expected and what I need to do in the future. I entered A Chocolate Fantasy Dessert and the dessert that I entered was A Chocolate Turkish Delight Brownie it was a rich dark rose flavoured chocolate brownie layered with soft decadent turkish delight and then it had rose sugar syrup drizzled over the top and served with a rich truffle of chocolate ganash on top and roasted pistachios and toffee shards as decoration.

Iwill upload the recipe and a picture fairly soon,

I am teaching myself some new skills as a result of this competition, things like sugar art and chocolate sculpture and art and also brushing up on some old skills that haven’t been used in a while