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Working in a cafe as a part time baker

I have now finished school for this year and will return to do level 5 next year. I have just scored myself a great job as a parttime Baker in a cafe in Ellerslie. Its the end of the first week and its been great. Your first week in any new job is always a bit challenging , and bound to have the odd hiccup but its those hiccups which are great learning curves to make what you do much better.

I get to explore my creative mind in trying new things and introducing new flavours. its really good wholesome down to earth food with a lovely homemade feel about it which is just perfect. Its just part time but theres always the opportunity to pick up extra hours further on down the track. From little acorns grow big trees.

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A Chocolate Fantasy Dessert

A few weeks ago I entered my first professional chef competition in over 20 yrs .This competition is run by the Culinare Institute , its a competing arena for the hospitality industry. I didn’t win anything but I gained so much experience and insight in to what was expected and what I need to do in the future. I entered A Chocolate Fantasy Dessert and the dessert that I entered was A Chocolate Turkish Delight Brownie it was a rich dark rose flavoured chocolate brownie layered with soft decadent turkish delight and then it had rose sugar syrup drizzled over the top and served with a rich truffle of chocolate ganash on top and roasted pistachios and toffee shards as decoration.

Iwill upload the recipe and a picture fairly soon,

I am teaching myself some new skills as a result of this competition, things like sugar art and chocolate sculpture and art and also brushing up on some old skills that haven’t been used in a while