Adding flowers and herbs to Baked goods

I just love using flowers and herbs when making baked goods. One of my favourite flavours is English Lavender, another is Rose. the flavours they impart to baked  items are just wonderful . My lavender shortbread is always a popular item as is my Rose and Pistachio biscuits. These flavours   are so fragrant and beautiful and just work so well with sugar, eggs, cream and flour. They make the most delicious creams, icecreams, cream patisserie,cakes and biscuits and are just wonderful in chocolates. Not long ago I made  Lemon and Basil meringues  which were simply delicious. Its become more popular now to add fresh herbs to sweet treats and it just goes to show how much our tastebuds have developed in the last few years and have opened our eyes and tastebuds to wonderful new experiences. Never be afraid to try new things and flavour combinations, some will work some may not but you do not know if it will until you try.

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .