Cupcakes are the most fashionable food right now

simply done simply delicious

Cupcakes really have taken off and soared recently. what used to be a basic little treat for mainly childrens parties are now popular with all ages and decorated and made in so many ways. Basically cupcakes are the little black dress of the food world; I love doing cupcakes, you can be so inventive with styles, flavours, icings and toppings. and its great to be able todo in minature. It often takes far less time to decorate a series of cupcakes compared to decorating a large cake yet look stunning and effective very quickly.

Im now providing some restaurants with cupcakes which is just marvelous

here are some creations I have made

babycupcakes for farmers market

By Tessa

Hi My name is Tessa . I am a chef based in Auckland New Zealand .