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Restaurant Service

We all had to do a stint of at least one day at restaurant service in the training restaurant this week as part of our course module

I was in charge of the patissierie section , over 2 days, and got to teach some things to my helpers that they didnt know as they had never done restaurant service before. I had a blast and really enjoyed it.

On the first day we did a Lemon meringue pie with a raspberry couli and a white chocolate mousse with vanilla tuilles and cinnamon marscapone on the side.(go to the schoolwork link on the blogroll and have a look at the pictures)
The second day we did profiteroles with grande marnier pastry cream and white chocolate and orange ganache with orange blossom jelly and the second dessert we did was a hot pear, apple and ginger steam pudding with a caramel custard and roasted nectarine, here areĀ  the pictures of these last two desserts

profiterolespear and ginger steam pudding

General Stuff

Finally In to the pastry section

ohhhhh my word working with pastry is so much fun. We made full puff , rough puff, short paste and sweet short paste this week at school

I made a selection of different things , mince savouries, sausage rolls, apple turnovers, sweet tart shells with chocolate mousse and berries and lemon meringue pie. My tutor was very happy , she said that my pastries looked and tasted like they were made with lots of love and passion. I had a bit of drama with my rough paste which I made apple turnovers with, as somebody stole my batch out of the class fridge , the ******** *********(leave that to your imagination:o) ) and so i had to remake and didnt think it would be so great , as it wouldnt have had enough resting , folding time but managed to get another couple of folds in by getting in to class early the next day .But everything worked out great, it came out light and nicely puffed and crisp

You can have a look at the pictures by scrolling down on the “Food I have made” column and clicking on the School link (im adding all my school pics in to one album

General Stuff

Eatons Mess

oh my gosh this has got to be the ultimate in sinful but easy desserts

went to a freinds place during the week and I provided dinner and dessert, We had a power cut so just made dinner super easy, a big ole antipasto and then followed by a cheats version of Eatons Mess

It was baby meringues mixed with whipped cream and strawberries and topped with flaked chocolate

the meringues were mixed flavours, passionfruit, lime, berry, strawberry and they all worked so well together

It took 5 minutes if that to mix up and tasted like a million dollars

General Stuff

Well its been a while

Im now in a new place of employment and loving it. Im a Dessert chef for a busy buffet restaurant.

India and Singapore were amazing , lots of mixed reactions on the food front especially in India… Their definition of hot and my definition of hot were like the north and south pole, totally polar opposites.

But we muddled along mostly , on the days that we needed Comfort food , Macdonalds was a good option, isnt that terrible. But we knew that the place was clean and the food was safe and it tasted a bit like home in general.

There were so many things we were careful about , we didnt have much of anything from street vendors in India , it was a bit too risky and there wasnt alot of fresh fruit and veges we felt we could eat safely except for things we could peel like bananas and oranges.

By the time we got to Chennai(four weeks in to the trip) we were so hanging out for fresh fruit and fresh veges, we found a western style supermarket in a great air conditioned mall and bought some fresh fruit there. Things like figs, melon, guavas and persimons , we took them back to the Hotel and sterilised them in vodka for about 10 minutes then washed with mineral water and it was just wonderful.

This was the first time I had ever tried Persimons …… oh my goodness they were exquisite , they were so worth getting red dyed fingers and lips for. The Guavas were different tasting from what we have here and they were not ripe so didnt enjoy them as much as we would have liked.

By the time we came home there were 3 things that I absolutly craved beyond belief , they were in this order Lettuce, tap water , and beef. We only saw one leaf of lettuce all t he time we were away and that was as a garnish. Lettuce has now become one of my favourite favourite veges, i cant get enough of the stuff.

With India being a mainly Hindu country it was illegal to kill Beef, and being on the safe side of food we tended to eat mainly vegetarian while we were there, so having some Beef when we got home was a real treat.

Anyway enough idle chatter , I will be back soon …. much sooner than last time :o) and I will be talking to you about my new wonderful hobby Sugarart ….. doing all kinds of interesting things with sugar, cakes, cupcakes and decorated biscuits/cookies.

Take care now and look forward to hearing from you soon