Around the campfire = a bronze medal

This weekend was the regional competitions for the chefs schools

I was entered in the  Fruit Flan Competition, there were 9 of us in our team and in the actual competition itself there  were about 24 entries. there were about 15 medals given out, 3 silver and the rest were bronze. Our team of 9 took 7 medals , 3of those were the silver and the rest were bronze.

my flan won a bronze medal , thats two bronze medals for me now , I said to our school manager “Ive got  two bronzes now Im planning on an upgrade for the salon culinare in september” :o)

This was a sweet short vanilla pastry base with a lemon and passionfruit velvet pastry cream then topped with honeydew melon, nectarines, strawberries, melon balls, oranges, grape slivers, with a melon flame in the centre. it looked like a campfire.

here are some pictures, of the flan, my medal and a school group photo.

If you need to find out more about our school  “NSIA” check out the links page

We all worked so very hard and the school did very well with medals, I just loved being part of the team and all my training and hard work was worth it


General Stuff

Eatons Mess

oh my gosh this has got to be the ultimate in sinful but easy desserts

went to a freinds place during the week and I provided dinner and dessert, We had a power cut so just made dinner super easy, a big ole antipasto and then followed by a cheats version of Eatons Mess

It was baby meringues mixed with whipped cream and strawberries and topped with flaked chocolate

the meringues were mixed flavours, passionfruit, lime, berry, strawberry and they all worked so well together

It took 5 minutes if that to mix up and tasted like a million dollars